Welcome to BlackSwanMoto

June 06th, 2016

This summer BlackSwanMoto is taking off to explore new tour routes through Russia and Mongolia! While we’re out, please enjoy our Instagram feed and stay up to date on our progress. You can also scroll down the page to view our Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Also be sure to check out our training schedule - starting back up in September.


We are pleased to bring you new and exciting opportunities to get the most out of your Dual-Sport or Adventure motorcycle. Black Swan Moto offers premiere off-road training as well as unforgettable tours for both the street and dual-sport enthusiast.

Take a look at what BlackSwanMoto has to offer and be sure to visit our Community page where you will find links to other important companies that we feel are indispensable to – and in many cases responsible for – the Dual-Sport/Adventure world.

Big bang for my buck. I don't need gourmet food, I need great training and that's what you and your team provides.

M. Lust BSM BASICS Training