Started by a group of experienced off-road instructors, Black Swan Moto is the result of our previous experiences teaching and guiding for other schools. Our lead instructors each have at least 10 years of individual experience training riders on large dual-sport motorcycles. We’ve been involved with adventure motorcycles long before it was made popular by the movies like the Long Way Round. Not just cheerleaders, our instructors deliver a professional level of training and enthusiasm that will greatly enhance your motorcycle experience.

Del Christensen:
A contractor by trade, Del likes to build stuff. At BlackSwanMoto Del’s goal is to build your confidence and skills. Del has been working as an instructor and tour guide since 2005, and developed the A.R.T.S. Classes at BlackSwanMoto. Del's background as a rock and ice-climbing trainer and guide provides a honed set of skills in understanding the use of balance, focus, and control - in this case the motorcycle controls. Del has also designed and constructed a number of rider challenge courses for a variety of clients across the USA.

When not out teaching his grandchildren to ride, Del divides most of his time between his 1200GSA and his KTM 450. But he certainly doesn’t neglect his HP2 or Montessa trials bike. For Del, riding is a thrill and teaching is a passion.

Luanna Stickelmaier:
Luanna started riding motorcycles in the early 90’s after getting tired of watching her husband go off to the desert without her. In 2005 she acquired a BMW 650GS and nothing’s been the same since. That same GS has taken her to Panama and back, up to the Arctic Circle, along the Continental Divide Trail, throughout Baja, and large parts of the western US. Her favorite bike at the moment is her BMW X-Country. At BlackSwanMoto Luanna works in customer care, administration, training and touring. Her hope is when you finish you have the confidence to ride your own ride and enjoy your passion.

Mark Stickelmaier:
Growing up in Southern California, Mark has been enjoying the desert and off-road motorsports from before he was old enough to drive. After taking time to start a family and career, Mark returned to motorcycles in the early 90’s and graduated to a BMW R1200GS in 2004. Mark became an off-road instructor in 2005 and in 2010 was invited by BMW to attend the BMW Enduro Instructor Program in Hechlingen, Germany. His BMW has carried him (with family in tow) to and from Panama, Alaska, and throughout the Western U.S.A. Currently semi-retired and a resident of Baja, Mexico, Mark spends his time exploring and traveling on two wheels and four. His goal at BlackSwanMoto is to make sure you get the most from your training and provide you with tour experiences that are second to none.

Jeff Irvin:
Jeff has been riding motorcycles for over 20 years. His fleet includes street bikes, dirt bikes, a trials bike, and his 1993 R100GS - which has carried him to Alaska and back twice. Since 2008 Jeff has enjoyed teaching students on “big” bikes. Jeff continues to take motorcycle classes in various disciplines to improve his skills both on the bike and as an instructor. Along with training at BlackSwanMoto, Jeff is our resident suspension guru. He competes in trials events with the Southern California Trials Association and in the occasional desert race.

Adam Stephens:
Since 2006, Adam has been known in the Dual-Sport / Adventure community for his artwork and design. Adam began his off-road career on a Suzuki DRZ 400. From there, he graduated to BMW X-Challenge for awhile until he decided on the BMW F800GS - which he rechristened the F800PK (you'll have to ask him for the story).

Adam is responsible for all of BlackSwanMoto's artwork, advertising / branding, website, and photography.