PRICE: $750   (2-DAY COURSE)


If you have taken our BASICS class, mastered the fundamentals through practice and experience, and now you’re looking to take on some serious terrain, longer excursions, and more adventurous riding, A.R.T.S. has got you covered. In A.R.T.S. you will learn how to pick up speed and conquer more difficult terrain, and push the limits of what’s possible on a dual-sport / adventure motorcycle. We will provide an in-depth understanding and mastery of body position, controls, and how to get the power to the ground.

By now you have taken many adventures off-road either on your own, or better yet, with a group of your fellow riders. Chances are your confidence and skill levels are such that you can enjoy the ride more and take in your surroundings without having to concentrate on every action and reaction the bike is translating from the terrain to your body. You are more present in the moment but there is still a part of you that doesn’t quite feel in-tune with everything – you know, like you always hear about in classic kung-fu movies.

You're on your bike contemplating these things until you are pulled out of the moment by an obstacle or complete gap in the trail that takes you by surprise. You make it through with some reasonable white knuckling and severe pucker-factor* but you’re not quite sure how. You could chalk it up to luck, but as we all know luck inevitably runs out. You start thinking about other times when you experienced similar situations, or that one time you took a nail to the tire and minor damage to the bike. You were at a loss on how to properly fix both and quickly get back on the trail. Good thing you weren’t riding alone – hopefully.

It was genuinely listening to countless scenarios from fellow riders and customers that motivated BlackSwanMoto’s instructors to develop an advanced level curriculum called A.R.T.S. (Advanced Rider Training Skills). A.R.T.S. addresses some of the more nuanced aspects of riding technique and technical know-how that is rarely seen and/or experienced in a closed training course environment.

A.R.T.S. begins with a quick refresher of the skills honed in the BASICS course. We then build upon them by introducing added techniques which are applied to situations that steadily become more challenging with each successful repetition. Taking those newly added skills we apply them to real-world situations outside of a closed course environment where unpredictability reigns. Endurance will be a qualifier in the A.R.T.S. class as you will mostly be on the bike in constant progression.

There will be time to rest the body, however, when we educate the mind on the essentials of trail-side bike repair and maintenance. We will also outline what every adventurer should carry on their bike to ensure a successful and hassle free adventure. A basic level of mechanical competence will be required for this portion of the curriculum.

*Pucker-Factor - An involuntary reaction occurring in the hind quarters caused by sudden stress and tension. This condition may result in the required extraction of either a portion, or the entirety of the motorcycle’s seat from your body.

"Instructor to student ratio was great. I felt like I was the most important person taking the class." ... "I can't say enough praise of Del. He listened to the students and worked with each of them so we could continue to improve."

T. Rolsen ARTS Training

  1. Hard on the gas and brakes
  2. Navigating Ruts
  3. Skidding into turns
  4. Powering through turns
  5. Lofting up ledges
  6. Mastering sand and gravel

PRICE: $750

  1. Arrive Friday evening or Saturday morning.
  2. 2-Day course – Saturday & Sunday instruction.
  3. Multiple trail rides.
  4. SoCal classes: Accommodations are on-site tent and RV camping. Please contact us for local hotel options.
    Sacramento classes: Accommodations are hotel based only. Please contact us for local hotel options.
  5. SoCal classes: All meals and non-alcohol beverages included. BYOB is OK after riding is complete for the day.
    Sacramento classes: Breakfast and dinner are restaurant based and not included. Lunch will be included.
  6. Super-cool BlackSwanMoto shirt.


"It was a pleasure meeting everyone and training with your team, it's clear that you and all trainers truly love what you do. Thanks"

M. Lust ARTS Training