"The off road was great, and on road was necessary to get to where we needed to be."

B. Swager  

Explore your limits on the BlackSwanMoto Baja Backcountry Tour. Ride from San Diego, CA to Loreto, Baja California Sur and back, along seldom-traveled roads. From the beaches to the mountains, pine forests to desert valleys, experience it all on this ride. Not for the inexperienced rider, this ride includes some high mileage days and challenging routes, but with enough time off your bike to explore the places you'll see and talk to the people you meet. Enjoy the solitude as well as our trip takes us down hundreds of miles of desolate back roads. But not to worry, like all BlackSwanMoto tours, you will ride secure with the knowledge that you're being supported by an experienced Baja crew with chase vehicles specifically prepped for off-road Baja travel.

Designed for dual-sport riders with an intermediate or higher off-road skill level, all routes are passable on larger dual-sport bikes but may have some difficult sections. The days can be long and the miles can be challenging. That said, it has been completed by a 75 year old gentleman on a BMW R1200 GS. Please contact us if you have any questions about the tour difficulty or your skill level.

Day 1 - Meet and greet for welcome dinner

Join us for a welcome meal and drink as we get to know each other and discuss our route for the next few days. We don't want to stay up too late though, as we have a big day ahead of us tomorrow.

Day 2 – Border to Mike's Sky Ranch

213 miles - (71 highway, 142 dirt)

We'll want to get an early start today—the official start of our ride. First stop is the border to get our tourist visas. Then we'll jump on the dirt as we make our way east and south. Our route today takes us up into the pine forest before heading south to our first night's stay at the historic off-road mecca of Mike's Sky Ranch.

Day 3 – Mike's to San Quintín

145 Miles - (43 highway, 112 dirt)

Today we'll climb back over the mountains on our way to the Pacific coast. We'll grab some lunch at a local loncheria before following the beach and heading south to our hotel and dinner at one of the best restaurants in Baja.

Day 4 – San Quintín to Cataviña

173 Miles - (95 highway, 73 dirt)

We’ll start the day with a cup of coffee and short highway ride to breakfast at the famous Mama Espinoza's restaurant. Be sure to check out all of the racing memorabilia while we're waiting for our food. Then it's south out of town, where we'll follow the coast before rejoining the highway for a bit of twisty pavement and cactus forest before our night's rest.

Day 5 – Cataviña to Guerrero Negro

193 Miles - (76 highway, 117 dirt)

We're up early to grab a big and hearty breakfast, for today will be one of our most desolate and challenging routes. Heading out across the desert, we'll ride through forests of Caldron and Saguaro cactus, along the beach, and throw in a rocky climb or two just for good measure. Other than a few fish camps, we'll have most of the route to ourselves.

Day 6 – Guerrero Negro to San Ignacio

264 Miles - (200 highway, 64 dirt)

Today's mileage is high but the riding is relaxed. It's all pavement before our lunch stop and some dirt roads down the coast. We'll take our afternoon break next to a mangrove lagoon and from there finish up the day on pavement to our destination in San Ignacio. Be sure to take a stroll around the plaza and check out the Mission before dinner.

Day 7 – San Ignacio to Loreto

170 Miles - (170 highway)

After our long day yesterday, we'll take an extra hour to sleep in before a late breakfast. Then it's a steep ride down to the town of Santa Rosalia, where we'll stop to see the church built by Eiffel (yeah, that French guy with the tower). We'll take our lunch next to the water's edge at a peaceful bay and then enjoy the views as we ride to the town of Loreto.

Day 8 – Loreto* - Optional loop ride to San Javier Mission

157 Miles - (112 highway, 45 dirt)

Today is a designated rest day. You have the option to relax and explore the town, or take a ride with us into the mountains to check out another mission. Need more dirt? From the mission we can loop west down a mountain canyon with numerous stream crossings and enjoy some fantastic pavement twisties on the way back to town. Just don't get distracted by the view!

Day 9 – Loreto to San Ignacio

230 Miles - (73 highway, 157 dirt)

Our route today starts with a rocky road over the mountains to the Pacific and the world famous surf spot of Scorpion Bay. After lunch we’ll head north where the road takes us out to the beach and onto the flats. After a long day, we'll end up back in the colonial town of San Ignacio.

Day 10 – San Ignacio to Bahía de Los Angeles

208 Miles - (76 highway, 132 dirt)

Today's route takes us north on the highway for a short bit before we top up on fuel. You'll need every drop when we venture into the desert and over to the Sea of Cortez. We'll pass a few desolate ranchos as we cross the mountains before our run up the coast to our night’s lodging.

Day 11 – Bahía de Los Angeles to San Felipe

251 Miles - (184 highway, 69 dirt)

Leaving the bay, we'll head back towards Hwy 1 to continue our trip north. But first we'll detour to a solitary restored mission hidden away in a canyon. Back on our way after the mission tour, we'll stop for a visit and a cold drink at Coco's Corner. Then on to lunch and some of the best fish and shrimp tacos you’ll ever have. Tonight we'll celebrate our adventure together at our last dinner as a group.

Day 12 – San Felipe to Border and San Diego

200 Miles - (130 highway, 70 dirt)

Today is our final ride of this trip as a group. As we make our way back to the border, we'll also get in our last bit of dirt after lunch. With one final stop for tacos, you should be back in the States by late afternoon. The trip may be over but the memories and friendships will last a lifetime.

*Designated to be a rest day with an optional ride opportunity.

"Mark's experience in leading rides was always evident... keeping an eye on everybody. Also, being able to revise the routes due to time & rider constraints was smart and showed a thorough knowledge of the area."

N. Reynolds  

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