PRICE: $750   (2-DAY COURSE)


To say Dual-Sport and Adventure motorcycles are great machines is like saying the Grand Canyon is just another ditch. These motorcycles are purpose-built to transverse both the street and the dirt with equal ease. The only limiting factor are the skills and confidence of the person at the helm. Sadly most riders stick to the street believing it to be safer and thus, only 50% of the bike’s potential is ever realized. In other words, you will only ever get 50% of the value you paid for this type of motorcycle if you limit yourself to quick jaunts to big-chain coffee shops.

More important than the monetary value is the value of the experiences you imagined having on the motorcycle when you decided, “that’s the one”. Undoubtedly you chose this type of bike for its potential to take you to those far out of the way places that are seldom seen from side of a paved road. Allow BlackSwanMoto to help arm you with the knowledge and training to help manifest your – and your bike’s – full riding potential. It all starts with the BASICS.

BASICS is based on a proven curriculum developed by the BMW school in Hechlingen, Germany. This program will provide you with the essential set of skills to get you comfortable in the dirt and quickly enjoying it. It all begins with proper body positioning, posture and balance. Staying upright and balanced will influence the direction of your bike as well as its ability to also remain upright.

Next, you will combine your balance with clutch, brake, and throttle control for techniques in starting, stopping, and momentum. This includes slow speed control and navigation, front and rear wheel skid management, and friction zone clutch and brake for quick and effective momentum control while maintaining traction. Then we put it all together with proper steering techniques in various terrain scenarios.

The sum of 2 days of off-road instruction and drills will equip you with the essential tools for your mental toolbox. It will then be up to you to work those tools in through consistent practice, and fine tune them with adventures of your own – until we see you again for the next level of training.

"Jeff had a good command over our five man group. The way he presented his ideas of basic riding connected with all of us. A good example of his training/instructing ability is drawing all of us, students, into a cohesive group. As a cohesive group we work together and this magnifies our learning that he provides."

B. Hilger BASICS Training

  1. Body position
  2. Clutch control
  3. Braking
  4. Throttle control
  5. Terrain & traction – hills, dirt & gravel, sand, etc.
  6. Motorcycle pitch and attitude management
  7. Picking up your bike
  8. Balance

If requested – or if opportunity presents itself – we would be happy to also demonstrate some basic field repair for bikes and tires as well as recommend helpful technology. Stay for the evening and we would also be happy to entertain with tall tales around the campfire.

PRICE: $750

  1. Arrive Friday evening or Saturday morning.
  2. 2-Day course – Saturday & Sunday instruction.
  3. Multiple trail rides.
  4. SoCal classes: Accommodations are on-site tent and RV camping. Please contact us for local hotel options.
    Sacramento classes: Accommodations are hotel based only. Please contact us for local hotel options.
  5. SoCal classes: All meals and non-alcohol beverages included. BYOB is OK after riding is complete for the day.
    Sacramento classes: Breakfast and dinner are restaurant based and not included. Lunch will be included.
  6. Super-cool BlackSwanMoto shirt.


"Money well spent. The groups were not to big and we were able to continue riding through the drills."

B. Beauchesne BASICS Training