"This was a fantastic trip. I really couldn't ask for more. I feel I got MORE than my money's worth. Staff was great! Help on the trail was awesome."

G. Anderson BAJA EXPLORER Tour

What’s included on our tours
Your tour includes professional guide service, all meals and non-alcoholic drinks, snacks, lodging (double occupancy) and even your fuel while in Baja. All tour participants have access to a password-protected website where friends and family can follow along with your trip. Please see individual tour descriptions and below for more details. A chase vehicle to carry luggage and spares is utilized for all Tale of the Whale Tours, 12-Day Baja Backcountry Tours and groups of more than five on the 4-Day Explorer Tour

Food and Accommodations
All nights are hotel stays. Rooms are normally booked double occupancy. Meals take place at a variety of local establishments serving some of the best cuisine Baja has to offer. Dinner and breakfasts will typically be a local restaurant at or near the hotel. Lunches will vary from sit-down restaurants to roadside taco stands. We strive to provide top quality food and a variety of dining experiences.

The Staff
All Baja tours include an experienced Baja guide and crew with satellite and radio communication systems, followed by a chase vehicle which has been specially prepped for off-road travel in Baja.

Your guide has 20+ years of Baja experience, 10+ years on a big bike and is currently a full time Baja resident, as well as being a BMW-certified Enduro instructor and First Aid certified.

Our chase vehicles are specially prepped for Baja duty and carry a 50 watt race radio as well as satellite communication system. Chase vehicles are equipped with bike retrieval capabilities just in case of a major breakdown.

Tours will start and end at the designated location. See the BlackSwanMoto website for general tour itineraries. Specific tour information will be sent to paid tour participants at least two weeks prior to your scheduled trip. We pre-run all routes every season and all accommodations and major food stops are pre-screened. While we have a planned route, we reserve the right to alter it if necessary due to weather, road conditions or the guide’s judgment of the best interest of the group.

Motorcycle Rentals
Motorcycle rentals may be available from our rental partners. Please contact us if you are interested in renting a motorcycle so we may discuss your options.

Not included in the tour price is your travel to/from the tour starting point, motorcycle shipping, repairs, visas and other foreign travel permits (approx $25 or less) , motorcycle or travel insurance, alcoholic beverages, or other incidentals or personal items.

"Never had to reach in to your pocket for money and they were not stingy about anything. The way they handled bills was also efficient and saved the group time and hassles." ... "Without a doubt I would recommend this to all of my friends. They really did everything right and I have been on a bunch of different trips."

C. Scranton BAJA EXPLORER Tour

Riding gear
The weather in Baja can vary from 110°+ degree heat in summer to snow and rain in winter at higher elevations. Normal temperatures are from the mid-60s to mid-90s Fahrenheit. We recommend you dress in layers and be prepared for a variety of temperatures. A BMW Rally or similar type riding suit provides on and off road comfort. Helmet, motorcycle boots and gloves are required and we recommend an off-road style boot for dual sport tours if you have them. Break in new boots well before leaving. A lightweight rain suit is handy just in case it gets cold or in the unlikely chance of rain if your riding gear is not waterproof. A hydration pack (i.e. Camelback) and/or small backpack is strongly recommended. We supply drinking water and bottled water is available at most all stores along the way.

Other gear
There is no need to overdo it—Baja is a casual, relaxed kind of place. Just bring something comfortable to wear when off the bike: jeans, t-shirts and tennis shoes are fine. For whale tours bring something warm and a light rainproof jacket or windbreaker (your riding suit liner might work fine for this) to wear in the boat. Don’t forget the sunscreen and a hat. And bring your camera. Most things can go in your duffel on the chase truck and your daily items (extra gloves, liner, etc.) should fit in your panniers, backpack or in a small duffle on your bike. Try not to over pack; you don't need to drag a bunch of extra stuff around.

About Your Motorcycle
Your motorcycle should be in excellent mechanical condition. If something needs to be fixed, get it taken care of before you leave. This is not the place to squeeze out one last ride before fixing that nagging problem or scheduled service. Tires should be new or almost new. Knobby type tires are recommended for dual sport tours and are required on the some tours. Your guide carries a patch kit, spare tube and a tool kit for simple roadside repairs, however you should plan to carry these same items that are specific to your motorcycle.

In the unlikely event you should experience a breakdown we will attempt to help you as much as possible. For minor breakdowns or flats our guides will assist you with repairs to get you going again as quickly as possible. For a major breakdown we will get you and your bike to a safe location where you can make a decision on how to proceed with repairs. Please realize that there are other customers who have paid for the tour and we cannot make major alterations or stop their tour due to your bike's issues. As a last resort we will load your bike onto the chase vehicle and you will be able to continue the tour as a passenger. While we will attempt to help with any breakdowns, repairs to your motorcycle are not included in your tour price and are your sole responsibility.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about our tours.
Email tours@blackswanmoto.com or call us at (844) 274-3337.