"Well organized and put together! Everyone was very knowledge, approachable and a pleasure to ride with - Great choice of training grounds, a lot of different terrain to practice on."

B. Beauchesne BASICS Training

It can be a daunting feeling, you come to a stop on your big adventure motorcycle and contemplate the road’s transition from the comforting tarmac to an unpredictable dirt road that snakes off into the horizon. You think to yourself, “That trail will undoubtedly lead me to an amazing vista, a remote camping destination, or an unforgettable landmark”. Years of street riding experience got you this far, but you lack the same confidence and skill-set to captain such a large and heavy machine any farther down the narrow and intimidating trail. What that path holds will remain unknown to you for now but remember, "The universe is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper." *

With proper off-highway training from BlackSwanMoto the street will be relegated to something that gets you to the start of what will be an amazing journey and off the beaten path.

Learning to successfully navigate your motorcycle in the dirt is not derived from any sacred knowledge. It is a basic set of skills based on body posture influencing gravity and momentum. When combined with practice, you will be surprised how quickly your body grasps each concept and builds upon its fundamentals with each successful repetition. BlackSwanMoto offers a fresh approach to these time-tested balance and posture techniques that all off-roaders have utilized since the beginning of the sport.

Started by a group of experienced off-road instructors, Black Swan Moto is the result of our previous experiences teaching and guiding for other schools. Our lead instructors each have at least 10 years of individual experience training riders on large dual-sport motorcycles. We’ve been involved with adventure motorcycles long before it was made popular by the movies like the Long Way Round. Not just cheerleaders, our instructors deliver a professional level of training and enthusiasm that will greatly enhance your motorcycle experience. We'll give you an education that will sharpen your wits and take you confidently down that unpredictable dirt road to finally discover what lies just over the horizon.

*Eden Phillpotts - A Shadow Passes (1919 collection of nature vignettes)

"I have attended many other trainings in the past and feel that the value is incredible compared to others."

D. Shein BASICS Training

Our goal is to provide you, our customers, with a premier motorcycle experience. To that end, the Instructors at BlackSwanMoto have called upon their years of experience and passion for the sport to forge the solid curriculum that proper training demands. Our class sizes are controlled to allow for plenty of personal interaction between instructor and each student. BlackSwanMoto is also proud to have one of the only German trained and certified BMW Enduro Instructors in the USA outside of the BMW Factory Performance Center in South Carolina. So expect a level of expertise, integrity, and professionalism that you won't find in other schools


- Currently BlackSwanMoto offers 2 levels of curriculum -

"A great way to reactivate body and mind as well as learn and reinforce skills."

S. Bushong BASICS Training

BASICS – If you’ve ridden the street for years and want that same level of confidence in the dirt, this is where you should begin. BASICS is based on a proven curriculum developed by the BMW school in Hechlingen, Germany. BASICS will provide you with an essential set of skills to get you comfortable in the dirt and quickly enjoying it. It all begins with proper body positioning, posture and balance. Staying upright and balanced will influence the direction of your bike as well as your ability to transverse rough ground.

The sum of 2 days of instruction and drills will take you from little-to-no experience riding off-highway to confidently piloting your dual-sport / adventure motorcycle in the dirt. You will then have the freedom to embark on day-trips and weekend rides down dirt roads in search of that secluded fishing hole, rarely seen and spectacular vista, or to simply take that head-clearing afternoon adventure.

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"Del is a fabulous instructor. Thanks Del! I can still feel that I used a lot of muscles that hadn't been used for a while."

H. Peloquin ARTS Training

ARTS – If you have taken our BASICS class, mastered the fundamentals through practice and experience, and now you’re looking to take on some serious terrain, longer excursions, and more adventurous riding, A.R.T.S. has got you covered. In A.R.T.S. you will learn how to pick up speed and conquer more difficult terrain, and push the limits of what’s possible on a dual-sport / adventure motorcycle. We will provide an in-depth understanding and mastery of body position, controls, and how to get the power to the ground.

Sometimes it’s the unique destination we’re riding to, other times it’s the unrivaled fun of the ride itself. No matter where you want to go, get the most out of your ride with A.R.T.S.

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